Sell your business with confidence.

Getting the right deal in place for both buyer and seller is in everyone's best interest, but finding the right advisors can be tricky.

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Your business is your pride and joy, so without the right team behind you, selling it can be an emotional rollercoaster.


So how can Greg help?

Greg offers sensible and practical advice on the different ways you can sell your business, as well as putting you in touch with the right advisors.
Selling your business can be stressful for everyone, so being armed with the right knowledge is crucial for getting a favourable outcome.

Questions Greg can help with


What can I do to maximise business value?


How do I advertise that I want to sell?


I've had an offer, how do I tell if it's worth accepting?


What happens to my staff once the sale goes ahead?

Finding the right people to take the reigns.

As much as getting a deal done is a priority, so to is selling to the right people. Greg can advise on putting the right succession planning strategy in place for a smooth and easy transition to the people who will nuture your business and legacy going forward.

Staying on after the sale is complete.

Chances are you will need to stay on after the sale of your business is complete – but what does your new role look like? Is it the same as what is was when you were at the helm?
Greg can help negotiate between all parties to make sure everyone understands what each side requires of the other.

Selling services include:


Refining the valuation and sale terms

Greg can help provide an accurate valuation and define the sale terms to give you the best shot at a quick and painless sale.


Maximising the value of your business

Greg can offer practical advice on ways to maximise the value of your business and make it more attractive to outsiders looking for strong and steady returns.


Finding the right buyer for your business

Helping you define the types of buyer you are willing to sell to, and identifying potential candidates so that your reputation remaines intact.

Contact Greg today and get the right advice, right at the start.