Forging connections to help you succeed.

Helping business owners navigate the process of starting, buying, selling and growing their businesses by creating a network of advisors to guide them, and asking the right questions to help them succeed.

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Greg's approach is guided by two key concepts —
Connection and Analysis.


Connecting you to a network of trusted advisors.

Good businesses understand that they are only as healthy as the quality of people guiding the decisions, and so Greg's approach is to ensure you're surrounded with industry advisors who give you honest advice and counsel when you need it.

Asking the right questions — not just the obvious ones.

Running a successful business is about more than numbers on a balance sheet; it's about growth pathways, pipelines, relationships with staff and suppliers and a range of other factors that aren't easy to see from an outsider's perspective. Understanding your business landscape in full means Greg can offer meaningful advice that will make a difference.

Over thirty years in business and counting.

Greg was a Certified Financial Planner CFP® for over 25 years and ran a successful financial planning firm for over 30 years. He's helped dozens of business owners set up shop, sell and grow their businesses. View his full Linkedin Profile here.

Make the smart choice on the next step of your journey — with expert advice from a network of trusted advisors you can rely on.


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